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What is your goal? Do you need a brand story so people know who you are when they go to your website? And a header video to go with it? Does your company need video strategy and blueprint and create a video marketing campaign for social media? Are you looking to have a commercial done for television? Contact us?!

We have a fun transparent process! We take your vision or create one if your not sure what it is, get clarity, eliminate uncertainties, stategise, blueprint and then go into production. Production day(s) are always fun. While it’s routine for us, we make it fun for the people who don’t get to see it everyday. Our crew is relaxed and are very good at making people sound and look good. You might even surprise yourself! We love seeing the clients reactions along the way and even more when they open their inbox and watch an awesome video!

We don’t just make amazing videos. We make them with a purpose. The Blueprint is the story arch and the message of the film. The strategy is two things. The first one being the why and how we are doing what we are doing. The second part of strategy is implementation. We make a video, so what? What are we going to do with it and why? Where is it going to live, who is it targeting and what will your ROI be? All this we get clarity on all before we start filming.

Preproduction. Preproduction. Preproduction. It’s like breakfast, the most important meal of the day. The more we get clarity on before we shoot the less time it takes to film, reshoot, edit, re-edit, the faster it takes to be done.

In person is great. Storytelling is visual plus I talk with my hands.

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