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Having a second videographer helps so much, especially in the beginning half of the day. The bride and groom get ready around the same time and one person can’t be in two locations at once. Next is the ceremony. If I’m filming the ceremony alone, I’ll have two cameras. One on a tripod in the back and I’ll bounce around with the other one. Here’s the huge problem. If something goes wrong with that camera, I’m down to just one! I’ve had people stand in front of it, accidentally move it, or the biggest one, the lighting changes and now the shot is overexposed and unusable. Plus we have to mic the groom and officiant and plug into the sound board. A lot to set up before the ceremony and it happens pretty quickly and we only got one shot at it! No pun intended. Having a second videographer will save the ceremony. A typical reception will have the following, introductions, first dances, toasts. These usually happen one after the other right away. Same rules apply to the ceremony if it were only one videographer. After that the second videographer leaves. So no need to order two meals for us! One videographer will stay the rest of the evening to film dancing, garter and bouquet, cake and anything else that transpires. A lot of the fun shots happen at the end of the night.

Our team has shot about 150 weddings over the course of 5 years and we plan on shooting more!

We shoot weddings every weekend for about half the year. Two long wedding days a weekend and editing during the week. We get to work right away on your highlight video which takes about 10-15 hours. So half the year we’re editing highlight videos all week. When we get ahead of schedule on the highlight videos, we can start the backlog of full lengths, which take about the same amount of time to edit. We also have a commercial videos to produce as well. Not to mention time allocated to running the actual business.

Sure we can customize any package for you.

It’s best if we arrive at least one hour before the bride does hair and makeup, and if we leave at the end of the reception. Some of the best moments happen at the end!

On the pricing and packaging pdf, “ceremony (extended highlight)” represents a video of your full wedding day. However it is a similar non-linear style highlight video, except around 20-25 minutes.Traditional Full length videos are liniar. Meaning it’ll be entire day in order starting with prep, then first looks, ceremony, bridal party shots, introductions, first dances, toasts, dancing and end with cake. Usually 40-50 minutes. Pretty straight forward as the day unfolds.

A really cool element to the wedding day that looks awesome on video is the note read. Couple’s write notes to each other before the wedding and  on the morning of the wedding day they exchange notes, but don’t open them yet. Right after you get ready and before the ceremony we have you sit down and you read what your significant other wrote one wrote to you.

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